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How Renault claimed the possition of manufacturer of the world’s safest cars

Those well-versed in vehicle industry will be aware that Renault is actually leading up the bunch for a good number of years. Company owners, higher management and staff across the board over at the French auto maker are bitterly prideful of their growing reputable name for generating the world’s most dependable vehicle, and from now on they prefer to focus their attention on building their fame.

But wait, how did they get to grow such a brilliant history of themselves? Well, 1 fact is guaranteed folks, this definitely hasn't been something which has happened magically. Renault have a highly privileged PR image nowadays primarily because they've worked really hard to get there. Renault have generally been improving the standards on new traveler motorcar safety for about this last Several years.

The maker has focused upon this end product with such vividness they've already gotten the historic first for all car suppliers - one of Renault’s motors has now been accorded the evasive and secured 5 star EuroNCAP. The auto media had reported the French maker had so decidedly astounded the safety officers it has been honored with the 5 stars safety jackpot. And the French car developer was understandably delighted by this final result and denoted it as a tremendous celebration in motor design . Renault put a lot of extra efforts into getting the news out about this important first and that they were the proud producers of the globes safest motorcar.

Owners and management had been running closer to hitting the Five star accolade for many years now - pretty much the last ten years to be specific. Safety is without a doubt the main point on their development prerequisites on all of the brand new car models, and the achievement of this highly coveted safety rating is truly a testimony to many years of effort and devotion which had been put in by the whole set of staff over at Renault.

And just to make things extra spicy, although the Renault Laguna was strapping itself in for the automotive hall of fame for safety, Renault had one more horse in the safety comparisons competition in the form of the new renault megane cabriolet.

Because at near enough that moment the Laguna was gathering praise of its own by obtaining victory in the 5 star EuroNCAP score, the motoring world was going insane over the success of the Renault Megane, which a number of people had pointed out was better than the opponents in its division regarding the safety of the motor. This position the French manufacturers Megane well on the top of the freshly crowned European Car of the Year - the Peugot 307.

So as it happens that is the vital period for Renault in their pursuit to ended up being the de facto planet best automobile company in accordance with their remarkable safety record. As this juncture , with all its praise, it would seem the Renault track record of building the world’s safest cars is established strongly.

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